Watch Puc Puggy Chapter "Bloom and Grow"

Puc Puggy Regent Linda Marcotte has chosen "Bloom and Grow" as the motto for her 2021-2023 administration. The following programs and projects demonstrate how our chapter is doing just that in so many ways. Events are listed in reverse order so you can view the most recent first. Thank you for your interest as we "Bloom and Grow" in tribute to the NSDAR motto of "God, Home and Country".

Seed package

First Villages Honor Flight for Women Veterans

On May 31-June 1 Villages Honor Flight and the Tri-County Women Veterans sponsored the first Honor Flight for women veterans in Central Florida. Puc Puggy's own Service for Veterans Chair Betsy Abshire was guardian on her 13th flight. Her Navy veteran was Karen Mook, MA3 (Machine Accountant 3rd Class). It was an event neither one will forget.

2 women

Waiting at the American Legion to welcome our heroes home were Sunny Hester, Margie Steele, Regent Linda Marcotte, 1st Vice Regent Ann Fagan, Arlene Pfeuffer, and Teri Gray.

6 women

Memorial Day Celebration at the Veterans Memorial Park

Although regular meetings will not be held over the summer, that does not mean Puc Puggy members will won't be active in the community. At the annual Memorial Day Ceremony held at the Veterans Memorial Park, Margie Steele carried the Puc Puggy flag as part of the opening processional. Arlene Pfeuffer performed her duties as secretary of the Veterans Memorial Park Committee, and Silvia Walden, Regent Linda Marcotte, and 1st Vice Regent Ann Fagan passed out flags to the public. Seen here (L-R): Walden, Marcotte, Pfeuffer, Steele, and Fagan (holding the Puc Puggy flag).

5 women

Puc Puggy Chapter NSDAR Awards Scholarship

At the Awards Ceremony at Wildwood Middle High School on May 20, 2022, the Puc Puggy Chapter NSDAR presented James Palermo (below right) with a $1,500 scholarship towards his continued music education at the Central College of Florida. Based on his application, Palermo demonstrated outstanding musical academic achievements, participation in band, continued personal growth, and a clear sense of direction and purpose for his future. Presenting the award were Ms. Sunny Hester, Puc Puggy Scholarship Chair (here left) and Ms. Ann Fagan, 2nd Vice Regent (photographer).

Hester and Palermo

Annual Meeting Includes Gothic Saga of Gen. Joseph W. Revere and FSSDAR Awards

For the last meeting of the spring Puc Puggy Chapter members met at Saddlebrook Recreation Center on May 20, 2022. They were entertained by William "Bill" Chemerka with a lively "Gothic Saga of Paul Revere's Grandson: General Joseph Warren Revere". Chemerka recounted the general's colorful life which took him all over the globe. Following a catered lunch, Regent Linda Marcotte distributed chapter and individual awards which she was given at the FSSDAR Spring Conference. Everyone is wished a safe and happy summer vacation!

Speaker & Regent

Field Trip to Presidents' Hall of Fame

Several Puc Puggy members visited the Presidents' Hall of Fame on May 11, 2022. It is one of Florida's oldest remaining original roadside attractions and Home of the White House Replica. All 44 presidents are represented with artifacts from each administration. Presidential china, First Lady's gowns, historical documents and an endless array of priceless memorabilia & miniatures are featured. Pictured around the banquet table are (L-R) Karen Carbonneau, Linda Marcotte, Margie Steele, Teri Gray, Chris Heaton, Kim Northrup and Hannah Heit (center). Not pictured behind the camera is tour leader Ann Fagan.


Puc Puggy Donates Book Machine to Stanton-Weirsdale Elementary

Stanton Weirsdale Elementary School unveiled Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine at the school’s cafeteria on Tuesday, April 19, 2021. The focus of Principal Cynthia Brodie’s administration is literacy. The machine encourages reading by allowing students to purchase their own book using tokens earned by reaching their literacy goals. Five students received token coins to buy their first books, and one student had the honor of demonstrating how it works. Four members of the Puc Puggy Chapter NSDAR, The Villages/Lady Lake, Florida, were present to witness the event. The chapter donated $3,995.00 for the purchase of the machine and anticipates a continued partnership with the school for restocking the books and helping with other educational projects in the future.

Vice Principal Megan Parks (left) and Principal Cynthia Brodie (right) with the first five students to earn tokens for Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine.

2 adults, 5 children

Puc Puggy Honorary Regent Karen Carbonneau, Regent Linda Marcotte, and Classroom Chair Connie Accurso (far right) present a check to Principal Cynthia Brodie (second from right) for the book machine.

Check presentation

Flag Folding Ceremony and Stamp Collecting Featured at Monthly Meeting

The Veterans Memorial Park Women’s Honor Guard under Commander Peggy Campbell performed their Flag Folding Ceremony at the April 14 monthly meeting of the Puc Puggy Chapter NSDAR held at the Savannah Recreation Center. During the ceremony, Campbell also described how our flag has been redesigned 26 times between the original one in 1777 to the 1959 version we have today. Pictured (R-L) Regent Marcotte, Commander Campbell, and the Women's Honor Guard members.

Five Women

The second guest speaker at this meeting, Bruce Fisher, president of the Villages Philatelic Club (seen below), gave the history of how letters were first sent in the British Colonies and the early days of the US before there was an official government post office. He showed how to preserve and display our own stamp collections. He also gifted the chapter a preserved historic business letter dated March 1, 1840, simply initialed “paid”, sent from Harrisburg, PA, addressed to Edward B. Gimble, Esq. in Philadelphia, PA. Thanks to members of the Philatelic Club, the Puc Puggy Chapter has been able to donate about 42,000 stamps so far to the DAR Stamps for Wounded Veterans Project.

Man with Stamps

Johnny Appleseed Visits Puc Puggy

Mary Zabel, Florida State Speaker, gave the program at the Puc Puggy monthly meeting held at the Savannah Center on March 18. Mrs. Zabel taught 37 years in Christian elementary schools and also also received two teaching awards. Her topic was “Johnny Appleseed, A Pioneer and a Legend”. Growing up after the Revolution, John Chapman gained an appreciation of his family’s apple orchard and flower garden. When pioneers began moving west, the young nurseryman began planting apple orchards according to anticipated migration trails so the orchards were well established before people settled there. During his lifetime he became known far and wide as "Johnny Appleseed". Many of the orchards he planted still remain today, yet his name has faded from history. At the lunch break attendees examined Mrs. Zabel’s display of Johnny Appleseed pictures and artifacts. Seen here, Mrs. Zabel receives a certificate and gift of appreciation.

Two Women

FSSDAR Spring Conference March 4-6, 2022

Several members of the Puc Puggy Chapter attended the FSSDAR Spring Conference held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. In addition to enjoying the workshops, luncheons, gala dinners, and meeting with old friends, the chapter received 15 awards for all the hard work of our officers, chairs and members. Regent Marcotte gave her annual report of chapter activities. As always, it was a special event for everyone! Chapter members in attendance during the weekend include (L-R) Scholarship Chair Sunny Hester, Librarian Margie Steele, Regent Linda Marcotte, Vice Regent Ann Fagan, and Membership Chair Connie Accurso.

Five Women

First-time Spring Conference attendee Sunny Hester was accompanied by her HODAR, Maj. David R. Hester, Army, Ret.

Sunny and Major

Honorary Regent Gayle Erskine Relates Her Backstory

Our local newspaper, The Villages Daily Sun publishes a regular article called "Villager Backstory" about what the interviewee did prior to moving to The Villages. Puc Puggy Honorary Regent Gayle Erskine gave her story on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, p. C5.

Erskine portrait

To read the entire article, click here.

"Portrait of a Bride" Tea Party Fundraiser

To support our many chapter projects, Puc Puggy sponsored a tea party fundraiser on February 20, 2022, at the Eisenhower Recreation Center. The event was sold out with 160 ladies attending. Leigh Anne Brown, FSSDAR Speaker, presented "Portrait of a Bride" giving the history of bridal fashion from Civil War times to the present day. She displayed 16 wedding gowns from her collection of 375+ gowns. Attendees enjoyed afternoon tea catered by Hacienda Catering. Guests bought tickets for 10 specially designed baskets donated by chapter members. The grand prize drawing was a framed $100 bill. All agreed the afternoon was a great success due to the committee members who gave all their hard work and time planning and executing the event. Pictured here are Hannah Heit, Teri Gray, Sallie Kautz, Ann Fagan, Regent Linda Marcotte, State Chaplain Karen Carbonneau, Elaine Beckler, Mary Kay Weber, and Sunny Hester.

Nine Ladies

Hedy Lamar-"A Woman Who Dared"

Lisa French of The Villages Enrichment Academy entertained Puc Puggy members at the monthly meeting held at the Savannah Center Thursday, February 17, 2022. She presented the little known life story of Hedy Lamar, a well known movie star. But as "A Woman Who Dared" she showed her true but unrecognized brilliance as an inventor, many of whose technological inventions are used today in our everyday lives. After her talk, chapter members enjoyed a delicious Pasta Fare luncheon prepared by several of our own chapter members. Seen here are presenter Lisa French and Regent Linda Marcotte.

Two Women

Vendor Night at Brownwood Selling Tea Party Tickets

Several chapter members volunteered to help sell tickets for Puc Puggy's tea party fundraiser at Brownwood Paddock Square on Thursday, February 3, 2022. In addition, six new prospective members signed up for more information. From left to right: Sunny Hester, Elaine Beckler, Chris Heaton, Regent Linda Marcotte, Vice Regent Ann Fagan, and Vivian Semanko.

Member lineup

Puc Puggy DAR Attend Comedy Show to Support Ashley's House

Ten Puc Puggy members enjoyed an evening's entertainment at the Diva Show with Suzi Cruz on January 31, 2022, held at the Rohan Recreation Center. The event was sponsored by Villagers for Veterans to fund their Ashley's House Transition Home for Women Veterans project. Heading that project is Marie Bogdonoff seen standing by herself in front. Behind her (L-R) are Betsy Abshire, Chris Heaton, Connie Accurso, Regent Linda Marcotte, Teri Gray, Honorary Regent/FSSDAR State Chaplain Karen Carbonnneau, Vice Regent Ann Fagan, Margie Steele, Elaine Beckler and Arlene Pfeiffer.

Eleven ladies

Plight of SoZo Kids Brought Home to Puc Puggy DAR

Pastor Dave Houck spoke openly and honestly about the plight of the “SoZo Kids of the Ocala National Forest” to the Puc Puggy Chapter NSDAR at their monthly meeting at the Savannah Recreation Center on January 20, 2022. His words and pictures clearly demonstrated the poverty and starvation children face daily, which came as a shock to members accustomed to a Villages lifestyle. After his presentation, he loaded his truck with many boxes and bags of food, school supplies and toys for his outreach program donated by Puc Puggy members. During the business meeting which followed lunch, the chapter voted to sponsor two SoZo children for the remainder of Regent Linda Marcotte’s term.

Pastor Dave

Wreaths Across America

On Saturday, December 18, 2021, at cemeteries across the Nation thousands gathered to pay respects to our fallen veterans by placing wreaths at their graves. Puc Puggy Chapter sent an entourage to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. The group of volunteers included Betsy Abshire, Connie Accurso and HODAR Steve, Margie Steele, Vivian Semanko, Sara McBloom, Ann Wink, Rita and sister Tracey Rhodes, Ann Fagan, and Sue Ade. Seen here standing in front of the Walmart van are Rita, Vivian, Margie and Tracey.

semi-tractor trailer

Volunteers broke up in groups of three when the wreaths were actually distributed. Here are Ann Wink, Connie Accurso, and HODAR Steve Accurso setting out to their assigned section.

Food Presentation

Famous Author Visits Puc Puggy Chapter

At a special Christmas program, Louisa May Alcott (aka Marcia Otting, FSSDAR Speakers Bureau) presented “Christmas with the Alcotts” at the December 17, 2021, Puc Puggy monthly meeting at Saddlebrook Recreation Center. “Louisa”, in her green satin and lace period dress, recounted many Christmases over her lifetime beginning with her childhood born to an impoverished family with transcendentalist parents and three sisters, through nursing in a Washington, DC hospital during the Civil War, and on to her successes as an author. The audience was shocked to learn at first Alcott refused to write Little Women because, as she told her publisher, “I don’t know any girls.” Following her talk, attendees shopped at their annual White Elephant Sale, enjoyed a Christmas buffet catered by Michele’s Cuisine, and listened to Christmas carols played by member/pianist Cindy Evans. Being in the Christmas spirit, Puc Puggy members spent enough on sale items and 50-50 tickets to raise over $300 for DAR Hindman Settlement School for dyslexic children.

guest speaker

Christmas Fundraiser for Veterans

Always ready to support local veterans, on December 11 Margie Steele, Karen Carbonneau, Linda Marcotte (seated L-R) attended the Villagers for Veterans Christmas event. Gayle Gardner Erskine (standing, Santa suit) performed with her hula group. Linda and Karen won baskets, and everyone had a delightful time together as always!

4 Ladies

Women's Issues

As co-chairmen of the Women's Issues/Haven House Committee, Margie Steele and Vivian Semanko make regular visits to Haven House for abused women and children in Lake and Sumter counties. In November they delivered Helping Handbags with comfort Items and bedding to the facility.

Purse Collection

Thanksgiving History Lesson for Puc Puggy Chapter

Jack Ciotti from the Enrichment Academy entertained and enlightened the Puc Puggy Chapter NSDAR at their monthly meeting on Friday, November 19, 2021, at the Saddlebrook Recreation. Center. He gave a pop quiz on the First Thanksgiving to kick off his presentation. To everyone’s surprise, one of the main reasons the Pilgrims had autumnal feasts was to get fat since there was no means of food preservation at the time and a big belly was considered a sign of wealth. Also, when the Pilgrims said they planted corn, they actually planted wheat. And contrary to popular belief, Pilgrims considered Thanksgiving as a day of fasting. Ciotti went on to give the history of the holiday down to the present day. Following his presentation, chapter members enjoyed a feast of their own.

Revolutionary Soldier

Baker House Christmas Decorating

Puc Puggy was asked to help decorate the Baker House on Wednesday, November 17. The theme was an 1890's Christmas and our assigned room was the kitchen. Our date for decorating is Wednesday November 17th. Regent Linda Marcotte found a large wooden bowl with some artificial fruit for the table, stringed cinnamon and berries and some old fashioned bells. However, there were still not enough decorations. But a DAR Sister Fran Into, who was helping to decorate for the Colonial Dames, came to our rescue. And another DAR Sister went out and purchased some items. There are angels around when we needed them, and it turned out well.

House collage

Thanks from a Veteran

Don Barricks, one of the veterans who attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park, took the time to thank Puc Puggy for their hospitality to him at the event:

Newspaper article

Veterans Day 2021

The Puc Puggy Chapter particiaptes in ten ceremonies held throughout the year at the Veterans Memorial Park. As Chairman of the Veterans Park, Betsy Abshire organized a group of five chapter members to assisst in this year's Veterans Day ceremony. As part of the processional, a Puc Puggy member carries the chapter flag. Others give public attendees a small US flag and thank veterans for their service. The guest speaker at the event was Congressman Daniel Webster. The Sounds of Scotland Marching Band performed.

Veterans Day Collage

Saddlebrook Christmas Tree Decoration

Every year members of the Puc Puggy Chapter decorate a Christmas tree in the main meeting room at Saddlebrook Recreation Center. On November 9 six of us assembled to deck the halls in red, white and blue ornaments. Seen from left to right are Sallie Kautz, Chris Heaton, Ann Fagan, Linda Marcotte, Sunny Hester and Sylvia Walden.

Christmas Tree

Bingo Benefits Villagers for Vets

Six Puc Puggy members attended Bingo Night at the Wildwood Community Center on November 8, 2021. Proceeds for the evening will be used by Villagers for Veterans in support of local veterans.

Bingo collage

The Villages Lifestyle Magazine

As a result of participating in the Heritage Day Celebration at Spanish Springs in October, Puc Puggy Chapter appeared in the November 1, 2021, edition of The Villages Lifestyle magazine. Shown here are Chris Heaton and Connie Accurso staffing our booth in Colonial costume. To see the entire photo spread, click here.

Two Women

Puc Puggy Thanked for Many Community Projects

In The Villages Daily Sun on October 22, 2021, Puc Puggy Chapter was recognized by Honorary Regent Gayle Erskine for its dedication to serving the local community.

Newspaper Article

Puc Puggy Displays Chapter Projects at Vendor Night

On October 21, 2021, Margie Steele, Connie Accurso, Linda Marcotte and Chris Heaton (behind the camera) staffed a charity table sponsored by The Villages Entertainment Department at Brownwood Paddock Square. Margie and Connie had the first shift while Linda and Chris handled second shift. The focus of this presentation was the many areas of community service Puc Puggy is involved in, especially supporting the building of Ashley's House for homeless women veterans by Villagers for Veterans.

Margie and Connie

Veterans Honor Flight

Beginning in early August, Puc Puggy Service for Veterans Chairman Betsy Abshire began preparing for the Veterans Honor Flight still three months away. Betsy has made a total of nine flights as a guardian to a veteran on a flight, six of those as a squad leader. Squad leaders must train four other guardians, and the day of the flight, they are in charge of those guardians plus all five veterans (including their own). In total Betsy spent 48 hours training, holding pre-flight meetings and hosting a social for all ten members of her squad. Finally the big day arrived on October 20, 2021. It is a grueling schedule lasting 22 hours to Washington and back. But despite that, everyone came home with a smile on their face. Here you see Betsy with her veteran Chuck Hammel being welcomed back by the crowd at the American Legion Hall in the wee hours of the morning.

Honor Flight Processional

New Members Tea

The New Members Tea delayed from this past year was held at El Santiago Poolside room on October 16, 2021. Lots of great food provided by the Chapter officers and everyone had a great time had getting to know our new members. Several stepped up on the spot and volunteered as Chapter chairs in areas that they are interested in! Welcome! Back row: Marjorie Becking, Karen Evans, Carla Sosa, Christine Curtis, Sunny Hester, Cheryl McCormick; Front row: Elaine McPherson, Regent Linda Marcotte, Karen Hurley.

New Members

Busy Monthly Meeting in October

After the opening ceremony, 3 new members were inducted into the Puc Puggy Chapter on October 15, 2021. Seen here are Membership Chairman Connie Accurso, Chaplain Elaine Beckler, New Member Patricia Kent, Regent Linda Marcotte, New Member Karen Evans, New Member Carla Sosa, and Registrar Kim Northrup.

Induction Ceremony

Next followed our guest speaker Doug Gardner, Joint Veterans Support Committee Chairman for the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. He spoke about the dedication of the Gold Star Families Memorial. He also showed how the monuments are manufactured to withstand the passage of time. Finally, he explained future plans for the entire Freedom Memorial Plaza at the cemetery. Puc Puggy will be in charge of designing a panel paying tribute to women who supported the American Revolution. Regent Marcotte presented Mr. Gardner a certificate of appreciation for his excellent presentation.

Certificate Presentation

After the meeting concluded, Vice Regent Ann Fagan and prospective member Marge Becking took leftover meals from our luncheon to the firemen at Enginie 44 Station. (Regent Marcotte is behind the camera.)

Food Presentation

Gold Star Families Memorial at the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell

On October 6, 2021, the new Gold Star Families Memorial Monument honoring the families of servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the military was dedicated in Bushnell FL. It was created by Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel “Woody" Williams to remember those families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Attending the event on behalf of Puc Puggy were Membership Chairman Connie Accurso, Honorary Regent Karen Carbonneau, and Ann Fagan.

Gold Star collage

Puc Puggy Participates in Heritage Day Celebration

The Villages Entertainment Department issued a special invitation to the Puc Puggy Chapter to host a booth at the Heritage Day Celebration held at Spanish Springs Town Square on October 1, 2021. We were located in the Marquis tent along with only four other Villages clubs to receive this invitation. We represented our Colonial heritiage alongside the Spanish American, Italian American, German and Irish clubs. During the event, Regent Linda Marcotte was interviewed by The Villages Daily Sun for their article "Villagers Show Pride In Heritage" which ran the following day. She compiled her collection of research about her family line dating back to the American Revolution entitled "Genealogy Journey". Regent Marcotte: "I feel such a kinship to them. I love quilting and found (my ancestors) did, too. This research can show people why they like certain things." Pictured here staffing our booth are VIS/Publicity Chair Chris Heaton and Chaplain Elaine Beckler. To read the entire article, click here.

Heritage Day Booth

FSSDAR Fall Forum September 24-26, 2021

Like so many other Florida Daughters, members of the Puc Puggy Chapter attended the FSSDAR Fall Florum held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. We all raved about our workshops, luncheons, gala dinners, meeting with old friends and aquiring new ones. A fantastic time was had by all! Chapter members in attendance during the weekend include (L-R) Membership Chair Connie Accurso, VIS/Publicity Chair Chris Heaton, Regent Linda Marcotte, FSSDAR State Chaplain Karen Carbonneau, Vice Regent Ann Fagan, and Service for Veterans Chair Betsy Abshire.

Fall Forum attendees

Puc Puggy Teaches the Consitution of the United States to Elementary Students

Constitution Week Chairman Karen Carbonneau and Community Classroom Chairman Connie Accurso arranged to address 100 fifth graders at the Stanton-Weirsdale Elementary School on September 21, 2021. After a presentation about what a constitution is and how it works, Honorary Regent Carbonneau asked for questions from the floor. When it was over, each student was given a booklet about the Constitution, a bookmark, and a workbook assignment. The four teachers received the answer keys and were planning to complete the assignments back in the classroom. Pictured (center) is Constitution Week Chair Karen Carbonneau. Surrounding her in Colonial costume are (L-R) Community Classroom Chair Connie Accurso, Vice Regent Ann Fagan, Regent Linda Marcotte, and VIS/Publicity Chair Chris Heaton.

Constitution Week Team Members

Lady Lake Mayor Presents Constitution Week Proclamation

At the Puc Puggy monthly meeting held September 17, 2021, Karen Carbonneau, Honorary Regent and FSSDAR Guest Speaker, gave the fascinating history of "The Constitution of the United States." Following her presentation, Ruth Kassard, Lady Lake Mayor (center), presented Regent Linda Marcotte (left) with an official proclamation declaring September 17-23, 2021, Constitution Week as Honorary Regent Carbonneau (right) looked on.

Proclamation Presentation

HODARS Recognized for Support at Farmers Market

The Villages Daily Sun newspaper runs a weekly "Thank You" section allowing Villages residents to publish letters of appreciation to people in the community. On September 24, 2021, a thank you was published thanking Chuck Marcotte and Richard Frost for their assistance in setting up and tearing down the Puc Puggy booth at the Brownwood Farmers Market.

Newspaper Article

Puc Puggy Chapter Participates in Local Farmers Market

The Villages Entertainment Department is responsible for all activities held daily at the three town squares in the community. A Farmers Market is held every Saturday at Paddock Square at Brownwood. The Department offers qualified Villages charities a space for a display about their organization while the public shops the farmers wares. The Puc Puggy Chapter was granted a booth on September 11, 2021. Assisting with our booth were (seated L-R) Honorary Regent Karen Carbonneau, Regent Linda Marcotte, (standing L-R) Stamps for Veterans Chair Teri Gray, Vice Regent Ann Fagan, VIS/Publicity Chair Chris Heaton, and 2nd Vice Regent Jan Hancharick.

Farmers Market Booth

Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment

To increase public awareness of the monumental effort made by suffragettes to get the 19th Amendment passed giving women the right to vote, the League of Women Voters and the American Association of University Women co-sponsored an "EqualiTea" at the Rohan Recreation Center in The Villages on August 26, 2021. The 100th anniversary of the ratification was actually last year on this date, but the celebration was delayed a year due to Covid restrictions. The tea was open to the public and was covered by the In the article entitled “Sisters of Suffrage hold celebration of women’s right to vote in The Villages,” Puc Puggy Regent Linda Marcotte was interviewed saying she was “excited to remember what our grandmothers went through to get us the privilege to vote.” The news agency also ran a photo of five Puc Puggy members dressed as suffragettes who attended: (L-R) Jan Hancharick, Ann Fagan, Linda Marcotte, Margie Steele, and Teri Gray. After the event, Women's Issues Chair Margie Steele said, "I went because I have gone to their EqualiTea for the past 3 years and I wanted to learn more about the suffrage history. Besides it is always fun to dress up!"


State Chaplain Karen Carbonneau Gives Her Backstory

We all have a life story of the journeys we have taken that make us who we are today. State Chaplain Karen Carbonneau's backstory appeared in The Villages Daily Sun on August 18, 2021.

Karen Carbonneau

To read the entire article, click here.

Puc Puggy Receives Thousands of Stamps

As chairman of the Stamps for Wounded Veterans committee, Teri Gray contacted the president of the local stamp club to request a donation. She got more than she bargained for. On August 16, 2021, The Villages Daily Sun reported within a week she received about 30,000 stamps.

Gray holding stamps

To read the entire article, click here.

Villagers for Veterans Orchid Gala

Five members of the Puc Puggy Chapter attended the Villagers for Veterans Orchid Gala on August 7, 2021, held at the Brownwood Hotel in The Villages. Proceeds of over $60,000 will be spent to help build "Ashley's House", a new beginnings transition home for homeless women veterans to be located in Eustis, Florida. The house is named after 1st Lt. Ashley White, who was killed in combat in Afghanistan on October 22, 2011. Puc Puggy attendees were: (L-R) VIS/Publicity Chair Chris Heaton, Regent Linda Marcotte, Honorary Regent Karen Carbonneau, Honorary Regent Gayle Erskine (who performed with "Hula Hands in Aloha" for the evening's entertainment, and as always behind the camera, Vice Regent Ann Fagan.

Orchid Gala photo

FSSDAR Spring Conference

The Florida State Conference was held at the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World Hotel in Orlando March 4-7, 2021. Elections were held and Puc Puggy's own Honorary Regent Karen Carbonneau is now FSSDAR State Chaplain for the coming 2021-2023 term under State Regent Debbie Duay.

Karen Carbonneau


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