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Lake Wales Chapter


Our membership reflects our heritage of Revolutionary War patriots, and we share with you the names of these brave individuals.

State & Service
John Allerton NJ Pvt
Samuel Babson Jr MA PS
Jeremiah Baker CT Pvt
Andrew Barr PA Pvt PS
Richard Beasley GA PS
James Beasley GA SOL
Andrew Barr PA Pvt, PS
Richard Beasley GA PS
James Beasley GA Sol
Moses Bedunah MA, NK Pvt
John Bennett NH Pvt
Isaac Blackwelder NC Sgt
Petrus Bogart NJ PS
John Brackett MA Capt
Anthony Brandenburg VA Pvt
Henry Brevoort NY PS
Howell Brown SC Pvt
John Cain VA Pvt
William Chamberlain NJ LCol
Caleb Cheney MA Lt CS PS
James Christy PA Pvt
William Christy NJ PS
Jonathan Coe Sr CT PS
Benjamin Coe NJ PS
Barent Cole NJ PS
Jacob Cole NJ PS
George Cook PA Pvt
Jonathan Cooper PA Pvt
Graves Crafts MA PVT FIF
Robert Cummings PA Pvt
Robert Dinsmore NH Noncom
Michael Foutz Nc PS
Ashbel Fowler MA Pvt
Moses Gardner NJ Pvt
Thomas Gardner Sr NJ PS
Joseph Gee NY Pvt
George Gibson VA Col
Joseph Goddard VA Cpl
Alexander Gordon NH PS
John Gray VA Pvt
Amos Gustin PA Pvt
David Hand NJ Pvt PS
William Hand NJ PS
Benjamin Hazen MA Noncom
John Nicholas Hedrick PA Ens
Sotha Hickman VA Pvt

State & Service
John Hough VA PS
John Husted NY Pvt PS
Robert Husted PA Sgt PS
James Kelton MA Cpl
Thomas Kennedy PA Capt CS PS
Barent Kool NJ PS
Jacob Kool NJ PS
William Lancaster VA Pvt PS
Benjamin Latimer NY Pvt
Charles Crawford Lewis NC Sgt
Gideon Lounsbury NY Pvt
Jacob Ludwig MA Capt CS
Johann Nicolaus Lynn PA Pvt
Alexander Mcdonald PA Sol PS
Francis Mcginnis PA Pvt
John Mills NC PS
John Myrtle VA Sol
Allen Nesbitt PA Ens
William Northcott NC PS
Daniel Pierce NY Pvt
Philip Pledger SC CS PS
Ebenezer Plumb MA Pvt
William Robbins NC Pvt
Moses Roberts NJ Pvt
Jabez Rockwell CT Noncom
George Roddenberry SC Sol
Elisha Sellers NC Sol CS
John Seward NJ Col
Samuel Tallman NJ PS
Timothy Taylor Jr PA PS
Timothy Taylor Sr PA CS PS
Evan Thomas VA PS
Samuel Tucker NJ PS
Isaac Wagle PA Pvt PS
Artemas Ward MA MGEN PS
Joseph Washburn NY PS
Oliver Watkins MA Pvt
Joseph West Sr VA PS
Dinah White (nee Corlies) NJ PS
Peter Whitmore Jr PA Sol
Ebenezer Whitney MA Pvt
Arabella Wilkins (nee Smith) VA PS
Enos Williams NJ Pvt
George Wisecarver PA Pvt CS PS
John Wisner Jr NY Capt PS
Augustine Woodliffe NC Pvt


ADC - Aide-de-Camp

BG - Brigadier General

CAPT - Captain

CHP - Chaplain

CL - Continental Line

COL - Colonel

CPL - Corporal

CS - Civil Service

ENS - Ensign

FIF - Fifer

1LT - First Lieutenant

LT - Lieutenant

LTC - Lieutenant Colonel

MAJ - Major

NONCOM - Non-Commissioned Officer

ORDL - Orderly

PNSR - Pensioner

PS - Patriotic Service

PVT - Private

S.D.I. - Signer of The Declaration of Independence

SGT - Sergeant

SGTMAJ - Sergeant Major

SOL - Soldier

STAFFOF - Staff Officer

WPNSR - Wife who received pension

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Last Updated April 24, 2021